Industrial vending solutions from AutoCrib® are trusted and relied upon in a wide range of industries to produce major, measurable improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of inventory management. AutoCrib® systems deliver cost savings, increased productivity, enhanced safety, improved compliance, and streamlined access to critical data for companies of all sizes.

From large cribs to RFID portals to space-saving vertical lift systems, AutoCrib® can meet any asset tracking and consumable dispensing or inventory management need.


Innovative Inventory Tracking Solutions for the Construction Industry

AutoCrib® solutions for the construction industry help increase profitability by driving productivity up and costs down. Having the right item or tool at the job when needed, prevents time-wasting trips to the warehouse or to the hardware store to buy the needed items at a higher cost…

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Inventory Management Solutions for Safety Gear and Supplies Across All Industries

Employee safety and OSHA compliance requirements associated with it are major concerns for companies in all industries. No organization wants to be involved in a million dollar lawsuit because an employee was unable to obtain a $2 pair of safety glasses. AutoCrib® industrial vending systems address these type of issues in multiple ways…

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Logistics Management Solutions Help Keep Utilities Online and in Compliance

Utility companies work under strict regulations regarding uptime and must meet stringent compliance requirements. Failing to do so can result in penalties and other consequences. AutoCrib® solutions, including point-of-use systems and efficient RFID portals, ensure that there is never a delay in getting the industrial supplies you need to complete a task…

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